Our environmental responsibility commitments

Environmental considerations are premises for our business strategy and investment decisions, and we strive to minimize negative environmental impact of our investment and our own activities.

Our long-term impact on sustainability and environmental concerns are part of both how we exert active ownership within our existing portfolio companies and how we evaluate new investment and business opportunities.

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We follow three guiding principles for sustainability:

– Be a driving force to reduce negative environmental impact from operations of our portfolio companies.

– Increase focus on the portfolio companies’ efforts and solutions to address environmental and climate-related challenges.

– Increase awareness of environmental and social outcomes and consequences of the portfolio companies’ activities.

How we are part of the solution

We limit our environmental impact and adapt to climate-related challenges, risks and opportunities. We leverage new opportunities that arise as a result of the work for a more sustainable future and new technologies.

First movers coalition

A Founding Member of First Movers Coalition

The First Movers Coalition was announced by the US President Joe Biden and is an initiative by the World Economic Forum and US special envoy for the environment John Kerry to drive demand for decarbonizing solutions.

Aker ASA, together with some of the world’s biggest companies, are joining the First Movers Coalition as a founding member, with a shared commitment to accelerate demand for sustainable and low-carbon materials and products.

Aker wants to accelerate the race to zero emissions. As innovators of some of the required climate solutions, we know that early adaptors of new technology are critical success factors. We will engage the Aker companies to commit some of their purchasing power for clean, green tech.

Learn more about the First Movers Coalition here: First Movers Coalition is tackling the climate crisis | World Economic Forum (weforum.org)

Aker Horizons: Reducing emissions, creating value

Aker Horizons exercises active ownership in companies within renewable energy and green technology to limit and reduce greenhouse gas emission, while providing substantial value creation over time.

Aker Horizons’ portfolio platform includes investments in the listed companies Aker Offshore Wind and Aker Carbon Capture, as well as in Mainstream Renewable Power and Aker Clean Hydrogen. The sunrise portfolio includes ongoing initiatives and opportunities within solar, transmission technology and other ventures.

Click here to read more about Aker Horizons

Carbon capture: Unique technology to secure a better future

Aker Carbon Capture is a leading carbon capture technology provider. It strives to mitigate the environmental cost of industry for a brighter, more sustainable future.

The carbon capture market potential grows every day. Aker Carbon Capture’s past experience, and current resources, the company is uniquely positioned to become the #1 carbon capture player. Aker supports the company’s work to position itself in the market for low carbon solutions.

Read more at www.akercarboncapture.com.

Offshore wind: Deepwater offshore wind power production

Aker Offshore Wind strives for a sustainable future - driven by clean, green energy. The company plays a leading role in the development of deepwater offshore wind solutions. Its ambition is to make a significant contribution to the industrialization of solutions and the reduction of costs associated with future offshore wind projects with a minimal environmental footprint. Efforts are made to add value to society, stakeholders and create significant value for shareholders. Aker supports the company's ambition to continue to hold a leading role and further develop its offshore wind solutions.

Read more at www.akeroffshorewind.com.


C4IR Ocean – Promoting a sustainable ocean

The Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR) Ocean was jointly established by Aker and the World Economic Forum in 2019.

The center is dedicated to harnessing advances of technology to preserve our ocean and to improve the environmental footprint of ocean industries. Through public-private partnerships, the Centre will develop governance frameworks and solutions for a healthier ocean, and a sustainable and profitable ocean economy.

The center is established as an independent foundation. We are proud to have Microsoft as our main partner in C4IR Ocean. In addition to WEF and Aker, other partners are Aker BP, Aker BioMarine, Aker Energy, Aker Solutions, Cognite, Ocean Data Foundation and REV Ocean.

Read more about the Ocean Data Platform below.

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Increasing ocean knowledge

Ocean Data Platform releases data and makes it available to researchers and decision makers. The platform contains ocean data from 220,000 research cruises since 1890. The goal is to become the largest, most inclusive hub for data and knowledge that helps reduce emissions, solve plastic challenges and stop overfishing.

Learn more about ocean data platform
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Aker BP – Optimizing energy

Aker BP continues to be an operator with low carbon emission intensity. In 2019, Aker BP’s CO2 intensity was below 7 kg CO2/boe (equity share), which is less than half the global industry average, and also below the average for Norwegian continental shelf operators.

From 2020 on, Aker BP’s goal is to deliver an emission intensity below 5 kg CO2/boe. Power generation offshore accounts for 80 percent of Aker BP’s CO2 emissions. We believe that great improvements can be achieved through further energy optimization efforts. Aker BP’s Skarv asset is a very good example of this. Skarv has reduced the export pressure and cut energy use in its FPSO gas cleaning process. As a result, CO2 emissions have been cut by 22,000 metric tonnes annually.