Aker Solutions: A supplier company

Aker Solutions is a supplier company. Its main business is deliveries to the oil and gas industry, while renewable energy industry and low-carbon solutions are a growing part of Aker Solutions’ business.

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Kjetel Digre
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Oil and gas service
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Aker’s ownership agenda

Aker owns 39.41 per cent of the shares in Aker Solutions. Aker’s most important ownership agenda is to strengthen Aker Solutions’ competitiveness, win new contracts, perform projects more profitably than before and be open to partnerships, alliances and transactions that contribute shareholder value. Emphasis continues to be placed on further developing good relationships with customers and business associates, and on implementing operational improvements.

Aker is represented on the board by Kjell Inge Røkke and Øyvind Eriksen.

Accelerating the transition to sustainable energy production

The time for change is now. In our common quest to create a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future, Aker Solutions shows ownership and accountability. Powered by digital technology, strategic partnerships, knowledge and experience, Aker Solutions works to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable energy production. #PowerTheChange

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Advanced user of technology and industrial software

Aker supports Aker Solutions' ambition to help accelerate the transition to more sustainable energy production. The company’s main focus areas remain engineering services and oil services. Growth will take place within renewable energy, electrification, and as a supplier to aquaculture facilities, carbon capture projects and low-emission solutions. Aker Solutions’ goal is for this to account for one third of revenues in 2025, compared to approximately 5 per cent in 2020. At the end of 2021, renewable energy and low-carbon solutions accounted for approx. 30 per cent of the order reserve.