Aker Solutions: A supplier company

Aker Solutions is a leading supplier company. It delivers integrated solutions, products, and services to the global energy industry. The Company offers low-carbon oil and gas solutions and develop renewables solutions. Aker Solutions serves customers worldwide.

Aker Solutions is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and employs about 15,000 people in 20 countries. The company is headquartered at Fornebu, Norway.
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Aker’s ownership agenda

Aker owns 39.41 per cent of the shares in Aker Solutions. Aker’s ownership agenda is to continue to strengthen the Aker Solutions’ competitiveness and drive further development and growth of the company as a digitally driven engineering business and a leading energy services company for the transition to more sustainable energy production over time.

A key focus area in Aker’s ownership agenda is to ensure solid and predictable project execution of Aker Solutions’ record high order backlog, including capturing potential upsides and incentives where relevant through its strategic alliance models with customers.

Aker Solutions has a strategy of working in close partnerships and alliances, and Aker is open transactions that contribute shareholder value. Aker emphasizes that the company should continue to be selective in its approach to tendering related to contractual terms and satisfactory margins and remain vigilant about capacity.

A key part of Aker’s ownership agenda is that Aker Solutions continues to have a strong focus on cash generation and profitable growth, maintains capital discipline and financial robustness, and continues its attractive- and predictable dividend policy.

Aker is represented on the board by Øyvind Eriksen (Deputy Chairman) Kjell Inge Røkke (Director).

Accelerating the transition to sustainable energy production

Aker Solutions offers low-carbon oil and gas solutions and develop renewables solutions. Powered by technology and digital solutions, strategic partnerships, knowledge and experience, Aker Solutions works to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable energy production. While delivering complex energy projects in a safe, predicable, and sustainable manner, Aker Solutions also continuously work to meet future energy needs.

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Advanced user of technology and industrial software

Aker supports Aker Solutions' ambition to help accelerate the transition to more sustainable energy production. The company’s main focus areas remain engineering services and oil services. Growth will take place within renewable energy, electrification, and as a supplier to aquaculture facilities, carbon capture projects and low-emission solutions. Aker Solutions is on-track to deliver on its 2025 and 2030 ambitions of deriving one-third and then two-thirds of our revenues from deliveries to renewables and transitional energy solutions.

Aker Solutions is committed to be a supplier that accelerates the transition to sustainable energy production

Subsea Joint Venture

In August 2022, Aker Solutions announced that it has entered into agreements to form a subsea Joint Venture (JV) with Schlumberger and Subsea 7. The intention is to deliver a step change in subsea production economics by helping customers unlock reserves, reduce time to first oil and lower development costs while simultaneously delivering on their decarbonization objectives.

Aker Solutions and Schlumberger will contribute their subsea businesses into the JV, which following the transactions will be owned by Schlumberger (70 %), Aker Solutions (20 %) and Subsea 7 (10 %). The transactions are subject to regulatory approvals, as well as other customary closing conditions, and are expected to close during the second half 2023.
Through the transactions, Aker Solutions will receive USD 700 million in consideration for the sale of a 20 % ownership in the JV and retain a 20 % ownership in the subsea JV. The JV will have approximately 9,000 highly skilled employees globally. Estimated synergy potential is more than USD 100 million per annum in the medium term, and the JV will have an attractive dividend policy.

Following the transactions, Aker Solutions will be better placed to deliver on its strategy to accelerate its transformation to meet global energy needs both within oil and gas and renewables. Enabled by Cognite’s data platform and Aize’s software applications, Aker Solutions will continue to grow as a digitally empowered engineering and project execution company servicing the energy market.

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