Prosperity for all

We invest in our communities

Through over 180 years, Aker has built new industry on the shoulders of existing capabilities. Today's core competency and expertise in the oil and gas sector provides the skill foundation needed to succeed in the transition to more renewable and zero-carbon energy sources.

All of Aker's portfolio companies have a strong and sustained focus on building intellectual capital. Aker is committed to creating values for its shareholders, creating rewarding employment opportunities, and promoting prosperity for all through its operational investments and social impact efforts. This is demonstrated through Aker’s investments in industry across Norway, our presence and support in local communities, our commitment to trade unions and other stakeholders.

Investing in innovation

Aker invests in innovative companies in the fields of oil and gas, renewable energy, green technologies, marine biotechnology, and industrial software. These investments are in sectors with dynamic development opportunities and positive potential for growth. Aker's portfolio companies have a strong and sustained focus on building intellectual capital, and knowledge-based businesses with substantial research and development expenditures. Investing in and sustaining innovation is in their DNA and core to their success in building tomorrow’s industry companies.

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Supporting Stiftelsen VI

The WE Foundation (Norwegian: Stiftelsen VI) was founded in 2018 by Kjell Inge Røkke’s privately-owned company, The Resource Group, together with Aker. The goal was to promote equal opportunities and quality of life for people with disabilities. Aker’s Chair, Kjell Inge Røkke, privately funds the foundation’s basic capital need, as well as its operating costs. Aker is one of several companies behind Stiftelsen VI, and has committed to injecting NOK 10 million into the foundation over a five-year period. Portfolio companies also make financial contributions, bringing the total investment from the Aker companies to NOK 100 million from 2019 to 2023.

Stiftelsen VI works to ensure equal opportunities for people with disabilities, raising awareness of the benefits of closing the exclusion gap in sports, the workplace and society in general. Its goal is to change day-to-day attitudes and actions to create positive ripple effects in all parts of society.In addition to the Aker companies, the foundation also cooperates with other companies. Aker welcomes more businesses to join and contribute to join and contribute to making a difference in the race for equality.

It’s about day-to-day attitudes and actions

Team Aker Dæhlie: One team for equal opportunities

Team Aker Dæhlie was established in 2022. It is the first private team competing at the highest level in cross-country skiing that includes athletes from multiple nations in Ski Classic, FIS/All-round, Paralympic and younger age groups. The team will lead the way in challenging the status quo and including athletes, without regard for gender, age, disability, or nationality

Team Aker Dæhlie aims to create a team consisting of an equal number of women and men, athletes from multiple nations, and para-athletes, all achieving together as ONE Team. In the first season 2022/23, Team Aker Dæhlie consists of 37 athletes from 6 nationalities, 25 men and 12 women, of whom 11 have some form of disability.

This groundbreaking initiative is founded on the premise of BEYOND, emphasizing the importance of performance beyond the realm of sports. BEYOND is a way of thinking and achieving. Through its values and actions, the team will lead the way and inspire others.

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