Salmar Aker Ocean: Offshore aquaculture

SalMar Aker Ocean will engage in offshore aquaculture, both far out to sea and in coastal areas exposed to harsh weather conditions

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Offshore aquaculture
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Aker’s ownership agenda

Aker’s ownership interest in SalMar Aker Ocean is 15 percent, but with a 33.4 percent voting share. The company was formally incorporated in November 2021, and SalMar ASA will own 66.6 per cent of the shares, while Aker will own 33.4 per cent. By combining SalMar and Aker’s unmatched expertise in the fields of salmon farming, the design and construction of offshore installations, industrial software and environmental technology, the ambition is to build a globally leading enterpris.

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Sustainable seafood growth

SalMar and Aker has great ambissions for SalMar Aker Ocean. By the end of 2030, SalMar Aker Ocean aims to sustainably produce 150 000 tonnes of salmon per year at fish farms far out to sea. Achievement of its production targets in 2030 will make SalMar Aker Ocean one of the world’s largest producers of farmed salmon. Along the way, huge opportunities will be opened up for a Norwegian supply industry in transition. SalMar Aker Ocean has documented ripple effects in the form of thousands of industrial and engineering jobs in Norway, and will be at the forefront of ensuring sustainable growth on the salmon’s terms.

Such offshore aquaculture will require a new regulatory framework. SalMar Aker Ocean will work with the Norwegian authorities, the aquaculture industry and other stakeholders to establish such framework conditions. In the longer term, the company will grow in international markets on the basis of the knowledge and experience it has obtained in Norway.

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Sucessful project development

SalMar Aker Ocean has completed two successful production cycles at the pioneering Ocean Farm 1 installation, located off the coast of Trøndelag, Norway. The experienced thus gained will be incorporated into the new and larger Ocean Farm 2, which is under development. The company has applied for permission to site the world’s first purely offshore fish farm, called the Smart Fish Farm, approximately 50 nautical miles west of Frøya in Central Norway.