Aize: Accelerates industry’s digital transformation

Aize develops industrial software that accelerates digital transition. The product is a workspace that makes the digital twin valuable. Aize integrates internal and third-party data, helps visualize assets in 3D and 2D, improving processes and collaboration in project execution and operations.

Geographic market:
Software and digitalization
Share of Aker's total assets (2Q23):
Jarle Skrebergene
Ola Snøve
Collaborate Web no drop

Aker's ownership agenda

Aker owns 73 percent of Aize. The aim is to take a leading position in several fields by directing the company’s competence and investments towards specialized companies. Product development takes place in close collaboration with development partners and customers. Within the EPC area, the goal is to achieve significant savings in the coming NOAKA development on the Norwegian continental shelf in partnership with Aker Solutions, Aker BP, Cognite and license partners.

Industrial software

Aize will focus on creating a unique user experience for industrial workers in order to improve work processes and interaction. In terms of functionality, Aize’s products target two key areas: the EPC market and efficient operation of large plants and facilities, initially within the oil and gas sector. The main objective is to increase the efficiency of all types of cost-intensive projects and operations, such as wind parks, carbon capture and storage facilities, hydrogen production plants and similar renewable solutions.