Our industrial portfolio provides long-term value creation for shareholders and society

Industrial Holdings

Aker’s industrial holdings totaled NOK 64.9 billion at the end of 2022. This equates to 85 percent of the total asset value of Aker ASA and holding companies.

Through cooperation with each company’s board and management, Aker is actively involved in the development of its industrial portfolio. Every investment is followed-up by Aker’s management with the support of a dedicated investment team. Aker also has representatives on the various company boards.

Ownership is exercised primarily in the board rooms of the individual companies. Aker also functions as a knowledge centre, possessing industrial and strategic know-how and cutting-edge expertise in areas such as capital market operations, financing, restructuring, transactions, macroeconomics, communications/IR, sustainability, security, financial reporting, and legal. These resources are available not only in Aker’s follow-up of the operational companies, but also to each individual company.

Financial investments

The value of Aker’s financial investments totaled NOK 11.2 billion at the end of 2022, including NOK 1.3 billion in cash. This equates to 15 percent of the total asset value of Aker ASA and holding companies.

The financial investments segment encompasses cash, equity investments in listed companies such as Akastor, AMSC, Philly Shipyard, and Solstad Offshore, as well as the real estate development company Aker Property Group and Industry Capital Partners (IPC).

At year-end 2022, Aker had cash holdings of NOK 1.3 billion. The company’s liquidity reserve, including undrawn credit facilities, totalled NOK 6.4 billion as of 31 December 2022.

Other financial investments mainly consist of the real estate development company Aker Property Group, ICP, internal and external receivables and other assets.

In total, Aker received NOK 159 million in dividends from the companies in its financial investment portfolio in 2022.