Aker renews global framework agreement with trade unions

25 Aug 2023, 10:48

Through the renewal of the global framework agreement, Aker continues its close cooperation with the trade unions and its attention to ensure a sustainable and responsible working life. The agreement between Aker, IndustriALL Global Union, Fellesforbundet, NITO and Tekna unites and commits the parties to interact between Aker-owned companies, employees and society.

"Aker continues its good cooperation between the management and the trade unions. I am very pleased that Aker, through an updated and strengthened agreement, recognizes and commits itself to fundamental trade union rights and good working conditions characterizing the global operations of Aker-owned companies," says Ståle Johansen, group union representative in Aker.

The global framework agreement ensures fundamental human rights and trade union rights, and standards for health, safety and the environment, living wages, just transitions, gender equality and diversity, environment and climate, working hours and employment conditions. The agreement builds on Aker's first global framework agreement from 2008, as well as its renewals.

During the signing ceremony at the Aker office at Fornebu, Secretary General Atle Høie of IndustriALL Global Union, Federal Secretary of Fellesforbundet Christian Justnes, President of Tekna Elisabet Haugsbø, Deputy Secretary General of NITO Audun Bøhn, Group Union representative Ståle Johansen and President and CEO Øyvind Eriksen of Aker expressed great satisfaction with the agreement.

President and CEO Øyvind Eriksen emphasizes the importance of close cooperation with the trade unions, and a continued constructive collaboration with IndustriALL.

"The agreement and the cooperation is a central part of Aker's sustainability and responsible business conduct, and provides all employees with an important tool to ensure that Aker-owned companies live up to their commitments and ambitions," says Eriksen.

    IndustriALL represents 50 million employees in 140 countries within energy, industry and mining. Secretary General Atle Høie of IndustriALL commends Aker for once again showing leadership in its interaction between trade unions, employee representatives and management of Aker-owned companies.

    "This is an ambitious and forward-looking agreement that addresses essential areas for a decent and sustainable working life for current and future workers. The new agreement sets a new standard for global framework agreements and interaction between the parties," says Høie.

      The agreement commits Aker "to respect fundamental human and trade union rights in society, to recognize the fundamental human rights principles as defined in the International Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.”

      Further, the agreement has mechanisms for implementation and conflict resolution, and reflects Aker’s clear commitment to require its business partners to comply with trade union rights.

      The companies owned by Aker have an independent responsibility for following up the agreement. Going forward, Aker will use the new agreement for dialogue between the parties in the companies where Aker is an owner.

      Download the renewed Global Framework Agreement here.

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