Aker ASA: Mandatory notification of trade - primary insiders

08.12 2015 08:00

Edward Ross, investment director at Aker ASA, has today entered into an agreement to sell 41 718 shares in Aker ASA to Øyvind Eriksen, President and CEO of Aker ASA, at a price of NOK 174 per share. Mr. Eriksen’s shares will be purchased through the company Erøy AS.

Following the closing of the transaction, Mr. Ross will own a total of 33 126 shares in Aker ASA and Mr. Eriksen will own 144 911 shares in Aker ASA, through Erøy AS. Erøy AS also owns 100 000 b-shares (0.2 per cent) in TRG Holding AS, the largest shareholder in Aker ASA.